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Fish & Game Club of Vienna Newsletter

P O BOX 567 VIENNA, OH PHONE 330 394 1388

Trustees: Bill Dickey 330 448 2460, Russ Evans 330 534 5344, Denny French 330 448 4616, Bill Laslo 330 219 5521, Jim Schill 330 637 9912, Officers: Pres. Dave Cheliras 330 534 1229, V. Pres. Everett Radcliffe 330 369 2206, Sec./Treas. Larry Beardsley 330 898 4486 , Mbrshp/Nwsltr Kathy French 330 448 4616

September 5, 2013


Mahoning Valley Trap League will be using the trap ranges 

on Sept. 9 and 16. 

Other outdoor ranges will be closed on these days.

Remember- When using the ranges bring your own targets (paper only) and holders for the rifle and pistol ranges. 

Shooting Benches on Rifle Range are not to be moved WEST of the center line in the concrete for safety.

Johnny Appleseed Shoot and Hunter Safety Class

Pam Karousis and George Marsh would like to thank everyone who helped make these two events successes.

Jr. Cougars -

Congratulations to Russ Evans on completing his 26th (1988-2013) year coaching this team. Many alumni have called, written or stopped by to thank him for his help and attention. This team has been undefeated in the North East Ohio Jr. Rifle League for 24 years. They rank nationally in the top 10 percent of 3 & 4 position shooting teams and have been state champions for 12 of the last 13 years. His dedication to the Jr. Cougars CMP program has impacted 300 kids directly and upwards of 2500 indirectly through competitions, scholarships and personal successes. We thank Russ for his many years of service. It is a great program that, as a club, we can be proud that we have supported.

Jr. Cougars – Russ Evans (330) 534 5344

Junior Cougars CMP Team and Fish & Game Club of Vienna invite all youth between the ages of 12 and 17 to participate in a 10 week course on safe gun handling and position rifle shooting. Instruction is provided by NRA certified instructors. Classes will be held September 9 through November 11. Fees are $10 per week. All equipment will be provided. Each youth must have an adult sponsor at the first meeting. An informal competition will be held at the end of the program and those who score well may have an opportunity to fill the openings on the Jr. Cougars team.

Women’s Fire Arms Class - Shirley Williams (330) 534 2929

Women’s Fire Arms Class Reunion will be held on September 21st from 10AM to 3 PM. Any alumni of the Women’s Fire Arms classes are invited to attend. Help will be needed for the day beginning at 9 AM.

4-H Shooting Sports - Larry Beardsley (330) 898 4486

The Trumbull County 4-H shootings Sports Pioneers Club will host a free NRA Youth Sportfest onSeptember 28th, 10AM - 2PM, to give any interested youth 9 to 18 years of age the opportunity to receive instruction in basic gun and archery safety and demystify firearms by providing hands on experience in a safe supervised environment. A picnic lunch will be provided. Pre-registration is required by September 21 at (330) 898 4486 or email at LarryBeard@aol.comA parent must sign a release. Help will be needed by 8:30 AM. No guns owned by the participants are to be brought to this event.


Turkey Shoots - Kevin Tisher (330) 399 7132

Turkey shoots will be held on Sundays beginning September 22 through November 17, 2013 from 1 PM - 4 PM. Bring your friends. This is open to the public. Help will be needed. Another chance to earn hours.

CCW Class - Gabe Illes (330) 889 2572

The CCW course will be given Friday, October 18, 5:45 - 10PM and Saturday, October 19, 7:45 AM - 4:30 PM. Students must attend both days. The fee is $50. Call Gabe to register or to sign up to help.

Trap - Jim Schill (330) 637 9912

Trap is open every Wednesday and Sunday beginning at 11 AM. Cost is $3 per round. Bring your own shells. We need help loading the trap houses plus help in other areas. If you can work, please call Jim Schill. If it is raining call Jim to verify that there will be shooting

NRA Memberships – Bill Laslo (330) 219 5521

The NRA is neither Democrat nor Republican. It is strictly focused on preserving the 2nd amendment. NRA memberships are $25 per year. The magazines that come with the membership keep you up to date on gun issues and legislation. Each membership that is purchased through the club returns $5 to our club treasury. If you are not already a member, call Bill today and make arrangements to support the only organization fighting to guarantee your right to enjoy the shooting sports.

Grounds – Sam Steele (330) 507 4554

That grass is still growing. Call Sam and get your name on the schedule to weed whip and mow. Lots of opportunity to work off your hours.

Club Rentals – Rick Jugenheimer (330) 534 7707 or (330) 534 8171

$150 for members, $250 for probationary members, plus $150 refundable security deposit (returned after event if all is in order).


Membership/Newsletter - Kathy French (330) 448 4616 -

We will no longer be accepting new members until November.

We will begin membership renewals at the November meeting. It is a good idea to keep a record of the hours you work on the back of your membership card. You will then have a reference point for me at renewal time if there is any difference in my records and yours.

From the Trustees

:Hunting on club property is permitted. Members received a map of the grounds in your membership packet. Also, there is a map of our property on the bulletin board inside the clubhouse. Take note of the boundaries and dimensions on it. You must observe all hunting rules regarding safety zones. Be respectful of our neighbors, any posted properties and others’ tree stands.




Next meeting will be October 3, 2013 – 7 PM.